Growth Potential Score, or “GPS”, is a revolutionary new way of measuring your organisation’s growth potential.

Most, if not all, revolutions start with discontent. GPS is no exception. In our case, we were frustrated with the prevailing measures of growth available to business leaders – including customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty, and customer advocacy (in the form of NPS) – of which none actually measure growth, despite claims to the contrary.

We came to the conclusion that all of these “naval gazing” concepts are designed to answer one question: “What do our customers think of us?”

In rare cases, where all of an organisation’s customers either love or hate the brand, what our customers think of us is obvious. However, most organisations do not have polarised customer bases and, given the competitive environment, are not likely to. The challenge for most organisations, therefore, is to create a brand that is seen by customers to be measurably better than their competitors.

Essentially, it is clear that the competitive landscape must be considered in any truly strategic growth metric, and it was this notion that led us to develop the Growth Potential Score.

GPS was co-founded by Ray Andrews, of Andrews Group, and Dr Dave Stewart, of Marketing Decision Analysis. Ray has a strong grasp of private and public sector needs based on 35 years in branding, research and communication. Dave has the rare skill set of being both an academic, with a PhD in mathematical statistics, as well as 20 years’ experience as a corporate researcher in both client-side and consulting organisations. At the core, both Ray and Dave share a business philosophy of evidence-based decision-making and are particularly concerned with the validity, reliability and sensitivity of KPIs.

Their depth and breadth of experience ensures that Growth Potential Score’s approach to all business problems is built on a sound understanding of theory, statistics, practicality and feasibility, and delivers sustained success for our clients.

Ray, Dave and the rest of the team behind GPS bring varied but complementary skills to their clients’ business problems, which makes for a unique and robust service offering.