Our Services

We offer strategic services to our clients, delivering actionable and smart recommendations for solving difficult organisational challenges.

Strategic AND Tactical advice

We provide clients with high-level strategic advice to help them tackle issues facing their organisation or teams. This may include:

  • strategic planning advice;
  • development of performance metrics and performance monitoring advice;
  • tactical advice for handling difficult situations, including relating to internal or external stakeholder relationships, or public relations or advocacy issues; and
  • conducting confidential, small-scale, high-level interviews of board members and senior executives in commerce, industry and government, including regulators, to inform subsequent actions by our clients.

Executive Coaching

Andrews Group offers coaching to mid-level and senior executives on improving their individual and team’s performance. Executive coaching services are provided by Andrews Group’s highly experienced consultants, who have all achieved high-level success in their respective professional fields.

Market and Stakeholder Research

Andrews Group conducts small-scale research projects involving high-level, confidential, one-on-one interview to inform our clients’ strategic and tactical endeavours.

We also advise our clients when they are seeking to commission large-scale market research projects conducted on their behalf by external suppliers.

Growth Potential Score

Andrews Group also offers a unique proprietary service – Growth Potential Score (GPS) – that provides a single score forecasting clients’ top-line growth potential vis-à-vis their major competitors.

An organisation’s growth potential is driven by brand attraction. Some brands have greater attraction than others, and people are motivated to choose the brand they are most attracted to overall. In a mature market, this leads to winners and losers of market share.

GPS provides a single score that forecasts clients’ top-line growth potential, plus that of their major competitors. A GPS score represents an organisation’s net potential gain (or loss) as a percentage of the combined market share of major competitors. These diagnostics inform strategies to improve our clients’ brand attraction, and therefore their brand’s growth potential.

We also provide our clients with research-informed strategies to achieve their growth potential identified by their GPS.

Strategic & Tactical Advice

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